07 July 2014

Spicy Fish Balls

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Spicy Fish Balls

Spicy Indian style fish and potato balls.
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook time: 30 minutes
Makes: 14 to 16 fish balls
  1. Fish,cooked and shredded - 3/4 cup( see notes)
  2. Ginger and garlic ,crushed- 1.5 tsp
  3. Onion,finely chopped- 3 to 4 tbsp ( one small)
  4. Green chilies,finely chopped-1
  5. Turmeric powder- 1/8 tsp
  6. Kashmiri chili powder-1/2 to 1 tsp( according to taste)
  7. Coriander powder- 1/2 tsp
  8. Garam masala powder- 1/4 to 1/2 tsp
  9. Potato,boiled and mashed- 3/4 cup( one medium)
  10. Lemon juice- 1/4 tsp
  11. Salt- to taste
  12. All purpose flour- 3 to 4 tsp
  13. Water- 1/4 cup
  14. Breadcrumbs-as required( about 1/2 cup)
  15. Oil- as required /for deep frying
  • Heat oil in a pan add ginger,garlic,onion and green chilies.Saute until it turns soft.
  • Reduce heat to low,add turmeric powder,kashmiri chili powder,coriander powder and garam masala powder.Cook for about a minute stirring continuously. 
  • Add shredded fish and mix well.Saute for about 3 to 5 minutes or until it is almost dry.
  • Next add mashed potato and salt to taste.Add lemon juice and switch off the stove.Mix well until combined.
  • Let it cool a bit before shaping it into 1 to 1.5" balls.
    • In a bowl combine together all purpose flour and water to form a batter.(The batter should not be too thick or too thin.)Dip the fish balls in the batter. 
    • Next roll each ball in bread crumbs.
    • Heat oil in a pan.When the oil is hot ,fry the fish balls until golden brown,turning once or twice in between.Drain onto a clean kitchen towel.Serve with tomato ketchup.
    • To prepare fish,add required amount of water ,salt and pepper to taste and cook until tender.Drain and allow to cool completely.Remove the bones and shred the fish using your hands.
    • You can use any firm fish to prepare this.
    • I used 1 tsp Kashmiri chili powder.


    1. Fishy balls looks so mouthwatering.. beautifully presentated...

      Today recipe Rajasthan Thali


    2. Droolworthy recipe...Looks so tempting dear

    3. I just love all your recipes... and still drooling here......loved it

    4. nice spicy fish balls. love it.. nice clicks..

    5. This is nice..... I can imagine how tasty it is... :P

    6. What kind of fish besides kingfish will be good for this recipe ?

      1. Hi Shalini,..you can use any firm fish ..like tuna,Bluefin trevally(vatta),hamour...etc



    7. Just stumbled on to your wonderful blog today and promptly saved it in my favorites! Though not a 'Mallu,' I love your cuisine and enjoy making it from time to time.

      I already picked a few of your mouthwatering recipes for the right time.

      Anyway, my question is - can I use canned tuna for this recipe or would you suggest that I rather cook and prepare the fish myself?

      Thanks for the good work. Keep it up!

      1. @Sambo...Thank You for the feedback...so happy that you enjoy the recipes here...
        canned tuna should work well too.....do let me know once you try it out.Thank You once again..


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